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Re: EpDis: In The Kingdom Of The Blind

Both plot elements of this episode are arc related and interesting. And both are moving toward darkness.

The Centauri Prime scenes are fascinating as usual. In this case, when the Regent says "not my decision", he's actually right, not avoiding responsibility. Suspense is kept up till we see how he is controlled at the end. Alas, one handsome, seemingly upright Centauri (Jano) shows up only to be murdered - he should have been wearing a red shirt...

G'Kar actually lightens this part of the story with humour - not only the situational comedy of his position as Londo's bodyguard, but with some good lines - including "It's bad luck to die on an empty stomach"!

Like Delenn, I do have some sympathy for the telepaths' wish for a world of their own. It would have been a solution, and I wonder if a way could have been found. But the method Byron and his people used defeated the purpose and alienated them further. Even worse, he no longer has the others under control and reaps the fruits of his antagonistic attitude. He's portrayed the normals as enemies, and now the radical members of the group take that to what they see as a logical conclusion.

Byron withdraws his control, Sheridan withdraws his protection, and the catastrophe takes its course.

(I can't help but compare that with the political situation in a certain north African country right now. The majority wants a peaceful change, but there are always radical elements who utilize protest for their own purposes.)
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