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Re: EpDis: Secrets Of The Soul

Originally Posted by GaribaldisHair View Post
I don't think the argument about Byron has ever been whether or not he was a whiny, hypocritical little shit, as he is clearly exactly that. He is also massively paranoid and has a massive chip on his shoulder.

I always felt the point of Byron was to draw the distinction between the fact that he isn't the most likeable of people but that ultimately he does have a point about the way telepaths are treated. Can the audience sympathise with his situation and his cause without liking him?

Me? Yes I could.
A race hustler, Jesse Jackson type.

Originally Posted by Estelyn View Post
I agree with what was previously said about Byron's attitude toward normals - he doesn't differentiate between them. So what's the difference between him and those he despises?!

Lyta has become someone I don't much like anymore as well - her need to follow someone is annoying, and her choice isn't very good. I noticed a repeat of the melody of the "all come together" song as an instrumental theme behind her joining Byron's group.

The lack of privacy in the sex scene turns me off completely. The only good part is the revelation of Vorlon manipulation of teeps. However, Byron's anger is misdirected - he lashes out against the normals (again!), since the Vorlons are no longer available.

Zack's concern may be partially caused by jealousy, of course, but he is very sweet in his attitude. Too bad Lyta doesn't see who is really interested in her for her own sake.

The whole Franklin/Hyach plot element is less than gripping. All in all, this episode has little of real interest for me.
Will there be a Telepath War down the line? Wonder who the telepath face will be? Bester or Byron?
Bester is an object of resentment, so I guess if it's Bester, it will be telepaths defending themselves.
On the other hand, Byron is a walking resenment, and he may provoke the war the way Osama did.

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