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Re: EpDis: Learning Curve

A lot has been said about the questionable aspects of this episode, and I must admit to being of two minds about it. Despite the fact that administration of justice should not take the form used by the Rangers, there's something in me that cheers when the bully is proven to be a coward when faced with a courageous opponent alone.

I do enjoy the bantering conversations between the two senior officers - it's nice to see members of two different castes aware of their differences but not battling each other. And it's fun to see the young Ranger (Tannier?) smile over that - we so seldom see Minbari smiling.

The contrast between Sheridan, whose military position was strongly influenced by his political opinions, and Lochley, who adheres strictly to the chain of command, is clearly defined without being judged. Is one position more meritorious than the other? I can understand Sheridan better, but then I'd not like to be part of a military structure.

I do like Delenn's clarity in seeing the possibilities for a purpose for Pak'ma'ra Rangers.

There is a good deal of psychological wisdom in facing one's terror/fear as soon as possible, aside from the method used here. And the philosophical question raised, ln the worth of death with or without reason or meaning, is an interesting one.

One additional detail - we are getting a hint of Lennier's future actions in the report of his overactivity in training. I do like it when clues are dropped over a period of time, then solved later on!

No, this episode isn't a favourite of mine, but still worth watching.
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