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Re: EpDis: The Deconstruction Of Falling Stars

Originally Posted by JoeD80 View Post
As jms said, "And what if you, say, interfered substantially with the mass of the sun by, say, causing a series of jump points to open up *inside* the sun across several days?"
I agree with that analysis of course... but it always made me wonder why in any of the wars, the younger races didn't use that as a means of taking out their enemies.

Sure it would be outlawed because destroying an entire star system is by definition a weapon of mass destruction... but surely somebody out there would be xenophobic enough to consider it. While jump coordinates need to be accurate enough for actual transition when a ship is entering a planetary body's atmosphere (Endgame), the mass of a star is pretty big and provided someone had a large enough fleet mobilised, they could probably do some serious damage to their enemy's star.

It's very possible of course that someone did exactly that to the Dilgar.
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