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Re: EpDis: A View From The Gallery

I really like this episode! I can understand some of the objections that have been mentioned so far, but I am not bothered by them. What I appreciate is the light-hearted and warm-hearted atmosphere, the amusing, often tongue-in-cheek dialogues, the different than usual viewpoint.

I am very amused by the cool reaction displayed by Bo and Mack, right in the middle of the big action beginning. Obviously they've experienced so many red alerts that this is just a "same old" feeling for them. They're only mildly aggravated because they'll have to clean up whatever mess ensues afterwards. They show their trust in the "warrior caste", those responsible for keeping them safe, and are content to stick to their own jobs and capabilities. It's almost a childlike trust, safe in the knowledge that the parents will make sure everything is alright: "Our guys will handle it".

The two actors really make their characters come alive! I get a bit of a Laurel and Hardy feeling with them, though the role of straight man bounces back and forth between them. And I disagree with the idea that the "big ones" wouldn't have to be shown in this episode - it is precisely the fresh view of them from a different vantage point that makes the show so good.

I chuckle over their opinions - and what they say about Sheridan really reminds me of what aged Delenn said in "Deconstruction" - he's a good man. The additional line about him having been dead, "Nobody's perfect", is so funny!

Much of their dialogue consists of questions they're asking on behalf of the viewers. I can imagine using this episode to introduce someone new to the events of the fifth season.

The Ivanova rumours and comments echo the real life events that involved Claudia Christian leaving the show. Londo and G'Kar's bickering (more good-natured than annoyed now) is seen as being like that of an old married couple - reminds me of the "Odd Couple".

I like the scene with Dr. Franklin - some very thoughtful lines there. Going back to him for the final scene is sobering and moving. Worse than any messes to clean up are the losses suffered - and the two characters clearly see and appreciate the meaning of that fact. Even more poignant are the lights above the bodies, saying "Welcome to Babylon 5".

The comparisons for the White Stars are also amusing - first saying they look like plucked chickens, then like angels who fly in to save the day.

What inspires the greatest admiration is finally not courage or military prowess, but love - the relationship between Sheridan and Delenn is the highlight for Bo and Mack.

And one more thing: the bugs that show up all over the station, disrupting equipment, must be the ones that Londo fought with his sword, right? A nice touch, connecting a minor element from a previous episode...
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