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Re: EpDis: The Paragon Of Animals

A lot of the most irritating behavioural aspects exhibited by Byron come after his intimate encounter with Lyta. I've always strongly maintained that what she said would happen... exactly happened and that the experience telepathically burned him.

Up until that point Byron had been seeking nothing but toleration... but after he learned the truth telepathically (not conventionally), his quest for toleration became ambition... and that was the catalyst for what followed.

The allusion to cults is very apt... and you see the entire growth cycle of a dangerous cult in the evolution of the B5 teeps. Cults tend to start out as a small group of people turning inward, removing themselves from society and initially focusing on higher ideals such as peace and love. however their introversion skews their perspective and at some point an individual will consciously or unconsciously become aware of their influence on the people who depend upon them... and it's only a few short steps beyond that before they begin to abuse that power.

But credit to JMS he didn't write Byron black and white and he has him both eventually perceiving what the end result of his rashness and arrogance has triggered and even attempting to make some kind of amends (albeit too little, too late).

Yes the whole thing with the telepaths and Byron is uncomfortable to watch... but I put it to you that is exactly how you are supposed to be reacting to those characters, so we shouldn't be so dismissive of the portrayal.

I was much the same when I first watched Abigail's Party, I cringed through a lot of it and particularly loathed the character of Beverly. I remember voicing my discomfort to a colleague at work the day after which they said "Yes... that's the point, you are supposed to feel that way!"

Thus began my induction into the world of black comedy.
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