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Re: EpDis: The Paragon Of Animals

I can see why this thread turned into Byron-bashing - this is the episode that changed my attitude toward him. When he first showed up, I sympathized with the teep cause, but his outright arrogance, feeling better than other humans, successfully erased that from my mind. If that was the intention of the author, it succeeded! Isn't he acting just like the mundanes he so despises?

The colony starts to look like a cult community, intensified by the hippie/free love look of the teeps, and it sure looks like Byron is turning into a womanizer, taking advantage of the female attraction to him. As I don't find him attractive, I can't understand what they see in him.

I was amused over Garibaldi's comment on G'Kar, that writers are a sensitive bunch. Was JMS talking about himself? I must say, I enjoyed his artistic affectations and the word duels with Londo. Their dialogues are a highlight!

The other conversation I liked was that of the Enphili, seeing the ships coming: he thought it was a new star, he stated, but they are not stars. But I thought - yes they are - they're White Stars!

I don't understand why Lyta chooses just this moment to turn to Byron - she'd just been thanked by Sheridan for her part in saving all those lives. What more did she expect?
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