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Re: EpDis: The Very Long Night Of Londo Mollari

This episode may not have a lot of flashy action, but there's a lot going on under the surface! The most important plot aspect is that of Londo's apology. I realize that some who have posted about the inaccuracy of his statement, never having said he was sorry before, are very aware of previous episodes in which he has said he was. But I don't think that's the issue here - this is not about truth, accuracy, or amnesia. It's about his consciousness of guilt, and what he is saying is that for the first time, he is so aware of his guilt that he feels the need to accept and acknowledge it. That, tied in with the heart problems and the immediate threat of death, is one of those central human issues that makes B5 deeper than the usual space action fare of some sci fi shows.

I like the way the camera angles show the transition from real events to dream sequence.

The other subtle issue is that of Lennier's leaving the station. That he does so is understandable - it must be very difficult to see the object of one's unrequited love daily when that person is so deeply in love with someone else. However, when he says that he is going to the Rangers because it is the calling of his heart, that feels very wrong. Is he actually running away, as Sheridan suggests?

What I see in his explanations and confessions - both he and Delenn know exactly what is going on, and Sheridan suspects as well - is something very different. When he says he is leaving to make himself worthy of Delenn, it is a declaration of battle with his rival and the first step to the very wrong, near fatal decision he makes later on. He is not accepting the decision of Delenn's heart, he is staking a claim for the future! From there, it is only a step to ensuring that the future takes place as he wishes it to - and earlier than anticipated.

I think his leaving is most necessary for Delenn - she really needs to let him go. Yes, she loves Sheridan first, but Lennier has had a very special place in her heart that, on an unconscious level, is perhaps greater than is healthy for her marriage. When Sheridan says "Three's a crowd", and she answers that three is sacred for Minbari, it feels like an attachment which is too close for comfort.

I enjoyed the brief scene between Vir and Lennier, especially the latter's misunderstanding of the name of the drink as that of a goddess and her temple!
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