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Re: EpDis: No Compromises

Opening shot - oranges, again?! Obviously we're being told that this is Sheridan's quarters - the scene with Delenn and Sheridan is cute though.

I remember seeing this the first time and thinking Lochley felt arrogant to me, coming on board and criticizing the way things were run. I guess that belongs to the character - don't we all miss Ivanova in the fifth season?!

I'm not a Byron fan either, but I think that is due to what happens in later episodes more than this one.

The visual of the fighter coming up behind the window during the inauguration is stunning! Nice variation on the assassin theme, which we've had several times before. I wonder what significance the music box had that the guy played all the time.

I too love the very brief ceremony G'Kar performs after the attempt - wonderfully anticlimactic and very funny!

The big question is, is Sheridan making a mistake by allowing the telepath colony? Could he have done something else that would have prevented the upcoming war?

The other question concerns Lochley's past - which side was she on? I do like her answer - on the side of Earth...
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