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Re: EpDis: Rising Star

This episode ties up a lot of loose ends. That gives many of the ensemble actors at least a scene or two, as well as adding guest actors such as the one who portrays President Luchenko - and the ISN anchor. Once again the newscast is used as a connecting element, providing background and transition.

I wonder just who is meant to be the title character, the "rising star"? Is it Luchenko, or Sheridan, both new presidents? Or is it more abstract and meant to refer to the Alliance?

Luchenko is very well portrayed. I was impressed by her measured vocal cadence, speaking quite slowly at the press conference to convey a calming influence. Yet she also came across as a hard-headed politician who accomplished what needed to be done - very pragmatic.

I agree with the above posts - Ivanova had what is probably her best scene in the whole show. She shows the difficulty of accepting the gift of life and love - nothing sweet about it! Her line that all love is unrequited is thought-provoking, though I'm not sure I agree. Certainly Delenn and Sheridan show that it can be reciprocated.

It*'s fun to see G'Kar and Londo with the strange, humorous "odd couple" kind of relationship they're developing.

Marcus' death finds meaning in Delenn's explanation - he has finally found peace by following the path of his heart. Once again we see Lennier's unrequited love for her in their scene together.

Garibaldi gets the action scene, rescuing Lise in his own inimitable way.

Even Bester shows up, sinister in one way, yet basically begging for Sheridan's help (already past) for his lover.

Sheridan is the man of the hour, of course - not only the conquering hero, but with prophetic insight, predicting the telepath wars. I like his speech about choices, consequences, and responsibility: some of the show's major themes. He again uses the phrase "all children of earth".

Much as I enjoy seeing a wedding, I think it's good that Sheridan's and Delenn's was not shown. It would not really have fit into the context of the show. It does amuse me to think of all the Minbari rituals they must have skipped; after the events of the past episodes, they apparently didn't want to waste any more time.

G'Kar's eye in their bedroom?! That's rather silly, I think. I do like the Narn's statement: "You do not make history, you only survive it."

And what Delenn says applies to the show as well as to the station: "Babylon 5 endures."
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