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Re: EpDis: Endgame

This episode has it all - action and space battles, dramatic personal moments, and multiple arc elements coming together in a firework (often literally in the visual effects!). The acting is very well done indeed - Carter gives Marcus' face such a bleak look over Ivanova's impending death that he looks as if he's already dead inside. Then he looks hopeful as she's taken back to B5, her "last best hope", he thinks optimistically. Just looking at him throughout is heartbreaking. And which viewer doesn't dream of a love like that - a person who's willing to give his life for his beloved?! Much as I hate to see him go and miss him afterwards, I can't help but admire the way his character goes out with a bang - though not in battle or fight, as could have been expected.

Franklin shows mixed emotions as well, having accepted the fact that the telepaths cannot be saved and so are to be used as weapons. I wonder, do any of them survive the attack, and can they be saved by Earth facilities, as he hopes?

The expressions on the faces of Sheridan and the Agamemnon's captain as they realize that they will lose their lives to save many more on Earth are deeply moving. But it's wonderful to see that highly dramatic shot of the ship emerging from the explosion - saved by their former enemy general.

There's also the ISN anchor who's come back, unsuccessfully fighting her emotions as the station is liberated. I like that they used the same actress to give a feeling of continuity. Interestingly, the German episode title is the translation of the phrase that's used by her, and similarly by Sheridan before that: "Sons and daughters of Earth".
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