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Re: EpDis: The Face Of The Enemy

This is one of those episodes where you can see the trouble coming but there's seemingly no way to stop it.

People keep metioning that Sheridan has changed, gotten harder, since he came back from Z'ha'dum. Can that Sheridan really have been so naíve as to believe that Garibaldi was acting in his interest, or did he anticipate the inevitable betrayal? If so, did he know in advance that he would come through all right, or did he just see his responsibiliy for his father as something so important that he didn't want to avoid it?

Garibaldi feels his own actions as a betrayal, with his comment about the thirty pieces of silver - a reference to Judas Iscariot, the disciple who betrayed Jesus. How will he feel about himself now that he realizes he's been used?

The bar scene has some nice effects, both visually (like a strobe light) and the sound effects. The violence used is disturbing, especially in contrast with the lying news being sent by ISN. I wonder - how did Delenn feel that something was happening so far away?

The flashback given by Bester finally clears up the mystery of what happened to Garibaldi. I find it interesting to see Harlan Ellison as a PsiCop in that scene!
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