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Re: EpDis: The Exercise Of Vital Powers

This episode is exposition-heavy, that's for sure. If the dialogues between Edgars and Garibaldi actually revealed something new, they would be more interesting, but they basically tie up elements we already know.

Garibaldi's voice-over at various points, always starting with the word "Mars", is an interesting technique used in this episode.

Orange juice again! Why is it that it's the caviar and champagne of the future?! First Sheridan's obsession with oranges, now Edgars. The latter is definitely an interesting character - a combination of gentle husband, seemingly compassionate human, and ice-cold opportunist who will walk over corpses to get what he wants.

Garibaldi's betrayal, especially as it involves Sheridan's father, feels very wrong.

Lyta's power is once again showcased in connection (literally!) with the Shadow-implanted telepaths.

And once again - the chemistry between Garibaldi and Lise doesn't work for me.
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