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Re: EpDis: Moments Of Transition

I agree, this episode is very emotional, very gripping. There are so many things going on simultaneously, yet the threads are skilfully intertwined without getting tangled.

Garibaldi is being played without realizing it. He thinks he's working independently, but this episode shows us that Edgars and PsiCorps are working together. Lyta is the one who obviously suffers as a result - her tears when putting on the PsiCorps symbols are heart-wrenching.

The "Mr. Adams" client is actually Scott Adams, the "Dilbert" cartoonist. I find it very amusing, a comical moment that combines his real person with his cartoons (Dogbert and Catbert, anyone?!) yet fits into the B5 world. Apparently he's been a fan of the show all along.

Zack has developed very well, grown into his responsibility. He accepts the unpleasant jobs that go with his position and carries through with them. It's nice to see the growing friendship between him and Lyta; he wishes for something more, obviously, and she's grateful for some kindness after being rejected by so many others.

Ah, and Bester again - wonderfully devious, skilfully achieving his purposes...

The Minbar plot is the most important, of course, with far-reaching effects on the future. We see a very strongly contrasting attitude on the part of the leaders of the religious and warrior castes. Shakiri doesn't care about individuals, especially not for those of his people who are not of his caste, claims to regard death and life as equal, but when it comes to putting his money where his mouth is, he fails completely.

This episode shows Neroon's true colours after the last one ended with him looking like a traitor. He is the hero of the day, and with his "death-bed conversion" gives Delenn the necessary power to reunite their people. He has learned to see clearly, with wisdom. It is a shame to lose him though...

As for Delenn, she does what we've seen Sinclair and Sheridan do before - beating them by the book. Since Shakiri reverts to the old ways, pre-Valen, she goes all the way and challenges him. Her courage and willingness to sacrifice herself for the good of her people - the whole people - is deeply moving. And her decision to give the working caste more power in the rebuilt Council shows great wisdom.

The question arises - who is to be "The One", who will stand in the middle of the circle? I'm betting on David Sheridan, since John and Delenn's child is supposed to have a special role in the future.

Minbar has achieved peace - but Earth is now heading for war. The inhumane actions - paralleling the attitude of Shakiri and the warrior caste - no longer allow Sheridan, Ivanova and the rest to wait.
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