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Re: EpDis: Conflicts Of Interest

Yes, this episode is more a bridge, or a building block, and can't stand up very strongly all by itself. However, I think what's in it is good.

I did like seeing Garibaldi happy over the task he'd accomplished, and even taking considerably less money for it. The Lise relationship doesn't grab me though, for whatever reason.

I was amused over Franklin's line about Ivanova - "I like her, but she scares the hell out of me sometimes." That whole conversation, with him finding a solution and her picking it up, was fun. I also enjoyed the Zathras conversation - "Zathras never listen to Zathras"!

I do wonder over the reason Garibaldi couldn't shoot the attacker - was it a "normal" telepathic block, or does that have something to do with his conditioning by the Psi Corps?
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