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Re: EpDis: Lines Of Communication

A double tragedy is developing in the story arc - civil wars in both human and Minbari societies. They're no longer fighting each other, so now they turn against themselves.

The propaganda war against B5 is sickening to see - but Earth residents don't know what we viewers do and have no reason not to believe what they're told and shown. Will a rebel station convince them that matters are different?

It's interesting to see how split the resistance is too - Franklin and Cole have a hard time getting them to cooperate. That they succeed displays great persuasive power.

At the beginning Sheridan reacts protectively toward Delenn, and she tells him very clearly that she does not want that. She is a strong personality who has developed greatly since we first met her. The fight against the Drakh looks very good, and there are some interesting moves and strategies in there. She certainly has her work cut out for her on Minbar.

A personal note - attraction is a matter of taste. Now if *I* were Number One, I would have let Franklin do guard duty and taken Marcus with me...
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