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Re: EpDis: Atonement

Interesting - Zack seems to have problems feeling comfortable in a uniform, no matter how it's cut or what material it's made of. He does admit that it has to do with his state of mind.

I'm not sure what purpose the little Ivanova subplot has - is there some reason we need to be reminded of her role in the Drazi society? And why the crutch - again?

The "dreaming" is an interesting concept. Apparently some kind of substance is needed for it to take place - does it open the mind or have a protective function? The guide seems to be a kind of anchor to prevent the subject's getting lost in emotional experiences.

We again see the principle of responsibility. Delenn uses no excuses, blames no one else. Though we have not previously seen her role, it does seem that she has dealt with her guilt. That is not what she needs to experience now. Lennier suggests that she is attempting to atone for past sins against the human race by joining with them now - wishful thinking on his part?

The Minbari self-righteousness and emphasis on racial purity is shown to be without foundation in reality. A whole race is involved in collective repression of a fundamental truth - and that truth is sacrificed for stability even at the end of the episode.

The actor who later plays Byron is a Minbari in this episode - I think I prefer him in that role...
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