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Re: EpDis: Epiphanies

Any time an episode follows one that was very heavy in plot and/or action, it suffers by comparison. That certainly applies to this one. Having Bester show up does reconnect it to the arc, and the Earth machinations hint at what is yet to come. The uneasy truce between Bester and B5 holds, just barely, for now.

Interesting to see Sheridan and Delenn during the celebrations - they're not down among the people, but watching from above. That has something detached, also something godlike or angelic, to it.

I assume that Bester means Garibaldi by the "ace in the hole". I can't recall anything else that would fit that description.

I like Delenn's analysis of Sheridan's personality - the imploding head is a very funny image. It's also fun to see G'Kar approaching/being approached by others who are apprehensive (Garibaldi and Londo) and realizing what a positive attitude he has found for what has happened to him.
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