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Re: EpDis: Into The Fire

Very little of this episode takes place on Babylon 5 - we see Centauri Prime and the White Stars, for the most part.

I too like the way JMS solved the situation. There could be no military victory, so he chose a moral one. It reminds me very much of The Lord of the Rings: there too the powers of darkness were too many to defeat in battle. The conflict could only be won by destroying the the source of the enemy's power.

And like that victory, it does not end the story - there's more to come. B5's "Scouring of the Shire" will still have to take place. What has gone before was preparation for that, and like Gandalf, Lorien is no longer there to help. The characters have grown up.

I was moved to see Londo's attempts to save his planet, down to asking Vir to kill him, since he was the last one there to be influenced by the Shadows. Self-sacrifice is an important step on the way to redemption.

And yes, it was a very amusing touch to see that Vir is the one person who got what he wanted, just as he told Morden long ago!
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