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Re: EpDis: The Long Night

This episode is very moving in several ways. The Ericsson part of the story is well written and acted, showing one of the tough decisions that must be made. The lives of a few must be lost to save many others. The most poignant parts of the dialogues are those between the lines.

In the first scene on Narn homeworld, I couldn't help wondering - where did Londo find Centauri allies he could trust in order to include them in the conspiracy?!

G'Kar continues to evoke Biblical associations; the reference to the eye being plucked out because it offended comes from one of the Gospels and refers to temptation in the original context. The image of him carrying that yoke definitely reminds me of Christ, carrying the cross, stumbling under its weight. And his breaking the chains could well be an echo of the story of Samson in the Old Testament, who breaks the pillars to which he is chained and takes numerous of his enemies with him in dying.

Having Vir being the assassin is a surprise element! JMS said that the character insisted on taking that task, and he, as the author, listened.

The "in the middle" theme continues with Sheridan's remark about being caught between the two races who are fighting each other with no regard for the fate of the younger races.
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