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Re: EpDis: The Summoning

We've seen Christlike references to G'Kar; this episode has some of the strongest images in that direction so far. The scenes with Cartasia very much echo the torture of Jesus by Pontius Pilate. The helmet he's given to wear reminds of the crown of thorns, the whipping he's given, and most of all, seeing Cartasia wash the Narn's blood off his hands is powerful and disturbing.

Mollari's (and Vir's) very real distress over G'Kar's torture was shown previously, and it increases with the situation.

The other disturbing plot element is the increasing brutality of the new Narn's treatment of Lyta, foreshadowing the Vorlons' plans to destroy the Shadows and anything that stands in their way. Again JMS takes someone (a race, this time) we thought was an ally and turns them into a foe. More horrifying than a known enemy is having someone you thought was on your side turn against you.

Marcus' and Susan's dialogues make for a delightful break in the tension. It's fun to see him dropping clues as to his feelings for her while she remains completely ignorant of them. Favourite line there: "If you're going to go for delusions, may as well go for really satisfying ones."

Is Garibaldi the only one sensible enough to question Lorien's presence and significance, or is his suspicion a glimpse of what's to come for him? For having been so cooperative before Sheridan's and his disappearance, he seems very uncooperative now.
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