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Re: EpDis: The Hour Of The Wolf

This episode is packed full of lots of good stuff! The biggest question is, of course, "Is Sheridan still alive?" It's interesting to see how much he really is the nexus, how everyone from Ivanova to the ambassadors to Delenn falls apart without him. And when watching this the first time, we weren't really sure he's still alive either - we could be seeing him in some kind of after- or between-life. I guess we would expect Delenn to keep up hope that he still lives, but even Zack wants to believe it.

For all of them, the question is that which confronts survivors of deceased family members/friends at all times and places: Do we continue to hope or accept the death and go on living? Sheridan faced that question himself after Anna's (supposed) death, and it was devastating to experience her return when he had finally fallen in love with Delenn.

G'Kar's voice-over is wonderful, showing him to be the spiritual leader, the only one who doesn't lose it all. And he is the one who thinks of Garabaldi and does something about it.

Nice play on words by Morden - he's only a "shadow" of himself. Interesting his answer to the question on whether Sheridan is still alive, "Which Sheridan?" That leads us to assume that Anna perished in the explosion, though we can't be sure - if Morden survived, so could she have.

The reference to the "eye" which is searching for them is strongly reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings! However, this one takes on a benevolent tone of voice (the father's), even sad. What does it seek to achieve?

The tragedy of Mollari continues - he gets what he wants when he no longer desires it. The confrontation with Cartasia is fantastically written and acted, and I agree, Krimmer does an excellent job of portraying someone so deluded. I'm reminded of Peter Ustinov's depiction of Nero, burning down Rome while thinking only of his own desire for immortality.

The beauty of this episode is that it answers some questions, leaves others mysterious, and raises lots of new ones. An excellent way to set the stage for the new season! Oh, and I like the "one line each" narration of the title sequence. One of the things that makes B5 unique is changes like that, something other shows would not have done.
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