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Re: S1: Overwrought?

Originally Posted by Boredom View Post
And by the way, the outside station scenery looks cartoonish. Even by the standard of the production time. Budget maybe the reason for that.
Not to mention that JMS/Foundation Imaging were deliberately going for something more colourful and organic than viewers were used to seeing in their SFTV. Note, for example, that the earth ships tended to be grey and metallic and functional whereas the longer standing space-faring races had moved on from there to sleeker, better looking and more colourful vessels.

I have never considered the FX "cartoony" even by today's standards. Different, certainly. Limited by the technology available, of course. Viewing CGI from Tron to date, through B5, shows how the results have become more realistic and less "cartoony" (except where deliberate) as the tech has improved, and in comparison with Tron, B5 is not cartoony at all.

Making the behaviour of the ships more in keeping with the actual science of manouevring through space was also a big step up from other shows of its time.

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