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Re: EpDis: Walkabout

Well, I think the best shot in the episode came right at the beginning - Sheridan outside, with the new Vorlon's ship coming right up to him. What a moment! Knowing what we do about the part of Kosh that resides in him, I can't help but wonder if his going outside was on purpose, being led there, rather than mere coincidence. However, the new ambassador doesn't appear to recognize his colleague's presence.

It's scary to see him attacking Lyta. His whole appearance is more angular, darker and more sinister, it seems. And of course there's a memorable quote: "We are all Kosh."

The universal mystery of Swedish meatballs was an amusing dialogue!

I enjoyed the singer's great voice - and was surprised to read that the actress did the singing herself. That's not always the case in TV/movies. She works as a love interest for Franklin - at least it's easy to understand why he's fascinated.

As to the walkabout idea, I rather like it. It seems like a good way for the doc to get back on his feet (literally!) without leaving the station.
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