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Re: EpDis: War Without End Part Two

Several years ago, when the British Sci-Fi channel showed the whole series, they had a whole load of `awards` to (notionally) give out for various features, from `best spaceship` (Shadow battlecrab, I believe - a long time ago, now) to `best recurring character` (either Bester or Zathras - my vote went to Zathras as, much as I admired Walter Koenig's acting, I'd never vote for `creepy`) to `best plot twist` (and many others that I'm afraid I've forgotten, though I'm almost certain Marcus won something). The top answer (I've also forgotten numbers 2 - 5, alas ) for `best plot twist` was indeed the transformation of Sinclair into Valen. I don't think the fantastic `idea` really impacted on me (the first time), despite Marcus' sudden moment of understanding, until Zathras actually showed the 2 Minbari warriors (and therefore us) what had happened. I, too, was `blown away` .

(And I agree: "The One Who Was, the One Who Is and the One Who Shall Be" was indeed a bit pointed .)
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