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Re: EpDis: War Without End Part Two

This episode blew me away the first time I saw it, and the effect is still the same upon rewatching now. I watched it twice, back to back, and couldn't just move on to the next episode afterwards. There's so much emotional intensity from all of the characters.

In the flash forward Londo says that letting John and Delenn go is his last chance for redemption. That would be in accordance with Lady Morella's prophecy - though not killing the one who is already dead would also seem to apply. After all, Sheridan died on Z'ha'dum prior to that.

Sinclair reaching out to touch his past self also reminded me of Michelangelo's painting! The fact that The One consists of three is more than just a coincidental reference to the Biblical Trinity, imo - God is three in one.

As for the time travel - oh, what a tangled web! But it's done as excellently as such a premise can be done, with very tantalizing peeks into the future - and the past.

The more I see of Zathras, the more I wonder about who he really is and how deep his knowledge and abilities really go. What he does here is no mean task! In "B squared" and the first part, it's easy to see him as a bumbling comic relief character. But he too has his destiny - I wonder what his role is in Minbari's past?! Nonetheless, I love his humorous monologues.

The most gripping moments are those between Sheridan and Delenn in future captivity. JMS said he was going to do their first kiss differently, and he sure did! Seeing how deeply they love each other is heartwarming - and heartbreaking.

And Sinclair as Valen has to be the greatest comeback of a character in a science fiction series! What a turn of events, making him a mythological hero.

"That door is closed forever" - I'm glad JMS chose to put an end to any speculations about future use of the time rift in Sector 14. Anything that comes after this would be anticlimactic.
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