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Re: EpDis: War Without End Part One

Wow, so few posts for such a momentous episode?! This is one that I remember vividly from the first time I saw the series on TV. I love Sinclair's dramatic entrance in the scene, a hooded, mysterious stranger at first. His new title and Marcus calling him "Ranger One" show us that he transcends his ambassadorial role. And his reputation for enigmatic utterances, described by Marcus, is very amusing. Oh, and have you noticed - whenever Delenn makes an entrance on the show, Minbari-typical music plays, a few notes on the harp. The same or similar music lets us know that we are on Minbar in those scenes.

I also like the look into the Great Machine - and of course, Zathras! Hard to choose which of his quotes are best; "Zathras not understand but Zathras do" reminds me of Lennier's statement to Delenn when arriving on the station, about obedience, not understanding, being necessary.

Interesting effect in the changed colours of the scene when the bomb explodes.

"Hello old friend", "goodbye old friend"... What a great way to bring Sinclair back!!
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