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Re: EpDis: Interludes And Examinations

Early in the series, I found it difficult to relate to Kosh in any emotional way. Sheesh, even the actors referred to him as the "juke box"! But in this episode he relates to Sheridan in a very personal way, and seeing him die is a shock. (Like reading about Gandalf's death in the Lord of the Rings - the mentor is gone, you're on your own.) Sheridan's courage in facing up to Kosh comes partly from the fact that he realizes he has nothing to lose.

The theme of decisions and responsibility shows up again when Garibaldi tells Franklin "It's your decision". I like that he didn't pull up the data on the doc - some things not even he does!

As much as I hate Londo at times, I feel for him at others. Seeing him so very happy is a touching moment, and when that happiness is destroyed, I grieve with him. However, I'm annoyed that he still doesn't see through Morden and realize that he's being used. Morden creeps me out - he's always a friendly liar at best, but he definitely looks and acts more sinister now.

I do like the way Kosh's death was handled, as indirect reflections and no specifics. Any direct pictures would have been a let-down, I think. I also like the fact that he appears to Sheridan in the guise of his father - as he appeared to G'Kar as his father. The significance of his words about always being with Sheridan is a bit of information that will pay off later.
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