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Re: EpDis: Ship Of Tears

Excellent episode! This marks a turning point, the discovery of a possibility to defeat the Shadows.

ISN is back, but there's a difference - that glib, cheerful reporter's voice, reading government propaganda, lets us know very quickly that all is not well on that front.

Delenn and G'Kar - wonderful moments. First her decisiveness to face him with the truth: "The choice is mine, the responsibility is mine." (Again, compare this to Londo's attitude to choice.) Her compassion really shines in the scene, and G'Kar's attitude to forgiveness has changed - for the first time, he says "perhaps" instead of "never".

Bester is an unexpected guest, and we see him from an unusual point of view - as a human and as a partner. We find that his is an arranged marriage - that rings a bell somewhere. Wasn't there a reference to PsiCorps arranged marriages in an earlier episode?

The introduction of the War Room at the end is both ominous - war will come - and hopeful - we will be prepared.
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