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Re: EpDis: A Late Delivery From Avalon

Some amusing aspects, some good acting, some nice character moments, but not much by way of story arc - this episode is OK, yet not a favourite of mine.

Michael York does very well in his role. I can't help but wonder who was represented by the dream knight who stabbed him in the back?

Marcus has the best lines: "I take great comfort in the hostility and general unfairness of the universe." Also "Better the illusions that exalt us..."

Dr Franklin is again playing God, forcing a healing for which the patient is not yet ready. The fact that it turns out well doesn't justify that decision, imo.

Interesting parallels between the Minbari war and King Arthur's battles...

Delenn as the Lady of the Lake, Kosh as Merlin, etc. - interesting parallels as well.

Oh, and contrary to my previously expressed thoughts, G'Kar does resort to violence again in this episode...
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