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Re: EpDis: Sic Transit Vir

We've seen gradual changes in Vir over time, and it's good to have an episode devoted primarily to his character development. A few comments:

Interesting that a Centauri tells Vir that Londo is trying to protect the government from the truth. The following joke is corny, sure - intentionally so.

A very funny moment is when sinister music and suspenseful camera angles trick the viewers into thinking something dangerous is going on - and then it's bugs! Especially funny in that context - seeing Londo swotting with his sword and shouting "Die!".

Lyndisty is a most interesting character; her pink clothing and high-pitched voice are deceptive, as is her girly conversation. What's behind it is all the more scary because it's sugar-coated. Amusing to see Vir trying to hide behind Londo when introduced to her; he's an idealist in love as well - a radical set of mind in a society of arranged marriages. I guess they don't quite see eye to eye on tokens of love - and what really happens to that Narn?

Interesting too that the motive for murder is not where it was first searched for...
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