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Re: EpDis: Severed Dreams

Wow, this episode has everything - action, politics, and character development. Though technical stuff and ships aren't my primary interest, I did think the FX and the filming of the battle sequences were spectacular.

Yes, civil war: "We know everyone we kill." It must be difficult to kill someone when you even know his cat's name! I watched the commentary to this a couple of days ago and remember JMS mentioning that the actor for the Major was mistakenly cast for the role - he had been thinking of someone else with a similar name, iirc. Still, I think this one does very well and brings the necessary presence to the character.

Again, we see Sheridan taking full and personal responsibility for his decisions - always a contrast to Londo's attitude. That decisiveness must win most of his officers to his side - only one laves C&C. They've been used to obeying the chain of command, now they too must decide which side they're on. Lt. Corwin, who couldn't previously imagine breaking that chain, makes his decision to side with the Captain. He must respect him very much to yield to his authority over that of EarthGov/military. He's been pictured as rather naive in previous episodes; now we can watch him maturing fast.

Am I the only one who thinks it's a strange play on words that *Mars* rejects *martial* law?!

It's almost impossible to choose a favourite scene - I love hearing the four top officers saying "fight" successively! But Delenn is really hard to top - she looks so strong, stern and determined in all of her scenes, a wonderful role model for girls! Seeing her lecture the various members of the Grey Council is moving, and when she breaks the staff as a symbol for breaking the council, it's a larger than life moment. (Reminds me very much of Gandalf breaking Saruman's staff in the book Lord of the Rings, as a sign that his power is broken.)

Sheridan and his father are great as well - we were already introduced to his caring nature when the Captain mentioned him making it rain so he could sleep in a previous episode. His motto "Never start a fight, but always finish it" is deeply significant. Knowing what happens later on, I find his words "If anyone comes for us..." prophetic.

Love the larger than life holo of Sheridan when he makes his announcement! Very symbolic...

Not only the unspoken farewell to his father is poignant, so is the look he and Ivanova exchange when she leaves to join the battle. I do like their relationship - they care deeply about each other without any sexual overtones. That's how it should be in the working world and so often, alas, is not.

The story is well written - just when they think it's all over and they just barely managed to survive with their last strength, the next wave of enemies comes. And Delenn's lines to the Earth forces are classics!

Several endings - the end of hostilities, then the look at the fallen, then the applause scene, and the chilling last shot of the traitor poster.

This is definitely one of the best episodes, the best so far, only to be topped by a very few of those to come.
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