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Re: EpDis: Point Of No Return

Lady Morella is indeed a fascinating character, and I'm pretty sure JMS wrote some very symbolic dialogues that reference the fact that Majel Barrett also is (was) the widow of Gene Roddenberry, carrying on his legacy. The fact that Londo gives her a tour of B5 is a cross-reference to having an influential Star Trek star as a guest actress, imo.

I agree that the prophecy must remain unclear - that is the nature of prophecy. Lady M correctly says, "The future reveals itself only reluctantly." One thing that JMS brought up when talking about it hasn't yet been mentioned here - the fact that she only *says* "the eye that does not see". It could be "I"! I'm not quite sure how that would work out, but it's an interesting point.

There are quite a few memorable lines in this episode: "Intelligence has nothing to do with politics" may have been spoken by a Centauri, but it can also be applied to short-sighted Earth politics. Ta'Lon's "Not all replies are answers" is another great line, as is Sheridan's "Always plant a lie inside a truth".

I really like the way the cinematography picks up on the aspect of two opponents. We see the orders from Earth being transmitted in cuts back and forth between the officers and the General, and the liason and his Night Watch personnel. That gives two different points of view as well as dividing up the amount of information given to the viewers.

Later we see the two teams, officers and Night Watch, approaching the trap in cuts back and forth. Then we see it through Zack's eyes, when he's told by each of the opposing sides that he's done the right thing. He's been uncomfortable for awhile, though we don't get told what pushed him over the line to support Sheridan and Co.

Lady Morella, as befits a guest star of such magnitude, gets the weightiest line of the whole episode: "There is always choice." Up to now, Londo has tried to make himself a victim of circumstances, one who has no choice. Does he now begin to realize and accept his responsibility?
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