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Re: EpDis: Dust To Dust

Am I the only one who think of Pullman's "Dark Materials" when I hear "Dust"? Not the same substance, but in both cases the word for a lowly, worthless element is used for something significant.

There's so much to this episode that it's hard to know where to start without repeating everything that has already been said. Both the PsiCorp plot and the one involving G'Kar/Londo are great. I love Lennier's quote about Londo: "A darkness carried in the heart cannot be cured by moving the body." There's real wisdom in that!

Somewhere in there is a statement that the PsiCorps "stands between you and the abyss." Dubious...

This is definitely the turning point for G'Kar - the last time, unless I'm forgetting something, that he turns to violence to solve a problem. At the very least it's no longer his primary mode of operation. It took me a little bit to realize where the vision of his father came from - the angelic being and the statement "I have always been here" gave it away. It is interesting to have this personal contact between the Vorlon and G'Kar, since I don't recall any interaction between them previously.

Bester, as always, is a fascinating, multi-facetted character. You never know quite how to take him...
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