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Re: how the characters and concept develop?

What your saying is in contradiction of what JMS said and did. Londo' story couldn't be part of a spinoff because he's story is the haert of B5. that is the reason Londo is the narrator of "The Gathering".

"What happens at the end of the five year arc? The "Babylon 5" series ends...if I have anything to say about it (and I do). If something else follows, we'll see what that is, but it won't be the same series, or the same title, or really the same characters"

As I said, the outline you are referring probebly was written in the very very early stages and wasn't the final thing as things in "The Gathering" and the rest of the season contradict them. It could be the basis of season 1 but not the running plan that start with season 1

If it did then JMS change ALOT of his views and plans for the series, a thing that is not consistent with his later statements
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