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Re: how the characters and concept develop?

Originally Posted by destron1 View Post
So, either JMS mind go 180 between writing the narrative and the time the forth season was coming to a close or I think that the idea of "Babylon Prime" probebly was something he was toying with at the very begining, something to pitch WB but as he began shooting the was always to make B5 a 5 season story and it wouldn't matter if O'Hare stayed untill the end
Babylon 5 was always going to be a five-year show, even under this original plan. Babylon Prime, in the original idea, would have began after five years of Babylon 5. The resolution of what happend to Babylon 4, Londo as the puppet-leader of the Centauri Republic, though it's the Shadows the entire time pulling the strings, not the Drakh, the resolution of the conflict with the Shadows, and the creation of the Interstellar Alliance: All of that was planned to be in the spin-off, but got condensed into Babylon 5 when jms revised his plans upon Michael O'Hare's departure. But there are still things that are different, like "the Minbari are defeated by Earth, which clears Sinclair's name," and it being Sinclair and Delenn's son that heads up the Interstellar Alliance.

According to jms's own words, this outline was not something he did for the suits at Warner Bros. "To my knowledge, Michael O'Hare and I are the only people who have ever seen this document. If I showed it to WB or the other producers on B5, I don't recall it. But it certainly never went any further." And again, as he says in the introduction of the outline in the scriptbook, he wrote it when he was beginning work on the first season, well after the show had been sold to Warner Bros., so it wasn't written to pitch to WB. In the introduction, he explicitly says that he wrote it "as a whole piece, a unit, in broad strokes, to know if the story worked as a story." It was somethinge he did for himself.
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