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Re: how the characters and concept develop?

In the "Lurker's Guide", EP: Sleeping in Light index, JMS is quotet saying -

"The Babylon 5 story ends at the final episode of year five.", "And there will never be a Babylon 6.", "There's always been a side-story that could spin off from B5, but the main core story is over at the five-year mark.", "I've always said that there's a side story that could follow the 5 year B5 storyline, which takes place in the B5 universe, and follows on the heels of the events in B5...but who knows if that would happen?", "The one thing I would hate is for B5 to become any kind of so-called "franchise." Because as soon as that happens, you're prevented from making any changes, from doing anything that might startle people, cutting into the piggy-bank. Once that happens, you're dead.",


I've also made no secret of my sense that, should B5 run its full five year course (and assuming the side-story doesn't go, which I would not exactly count on)...I plan to get out of TV. By that point, I would have said pretty much everything I want to say in TV, and it's time to get out, buy a small house somewhere outside London, and spend the rest of my years writing novels, which is kinda where this all began. (I've had 2 novels, 1 anthology, and a bunch of short stories published, as well as 500 or so articles.) I never got into this to make a ***FRANCHISE***, and never really intended to become an executive producer. I just don't like being I climbed higher, until finally there was nobody over me messing with my scripts. Outside of the B5 reality, if someone came to e and offered me *staff writer* on a show -- the lowest position in the TV totem pole -- but with the guarantee that I wouldn't be rewritten, they wouldn't change the words...I'd take it in a hot second. I'm here, now, strictly out of self-defense"

"What happens at the end of the five year arc? The "Babylon 5" series ends...if I have anything to say about it (and I do). If something else follows, we'll see what that is, but it won't be the same series, or the same title, or really the same characters. "

for the full episode index go to:

So, either JMS mind go 180 between writing the narrative and the time the forth season was coming to a close or I think that the idea of "Babylon Prime" probebly was something he was toying with at the very begining, something to pitch WB but as he began shooting the was always to make B5 a 5 season story and it wouldn't matter if O'Hare stayed untill the end

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