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Re: how the characters and concept develop?

Originally Posted by destron1 View Post
I don't agree with what you saying because
What I posted isn't an opinion with which you can agree or disagree; it's fact. jms wrote an outline "as [he] began work on Babylon 5's first season" (to quote the introduction to the outline in the 15th scriptbook). jms specifically wrote that outline to detail his plans for the show in a narative format just to make sure what was in his head made sense. That outline detailed how Babylon 5 would have progressed for its five years, and then in less detail how the Babylon Prime spin-off would progress through its story.

1. In "The Gathering" Kosh I.D's Sinclair as Valen. so the idea that Sinclair is Valen was there from the start
I take it then that you've only seen the "TNT Special Presentation" version of "The Gathering". That version, sometimes refered to as Gathering 2.0 has several scenes added in that had originally been cut, a couple of things totally removed that had originally been in, and completely different music. This revised version of "The Gathering" does have Kosh refer to (what he thinks is) Sinclair as Valen; however that line of dialogue is not in "The Gathering" as it originally aired. It wasn't until sometime during the production of season one of the show that jms had the idea of making Sincliar into Valen.

2. JMS said a couple of times, mainly during the first 3 seasons of the show that the Babylon 5 show is a self contained story, with a star, middle and end - and that the ending of B5 hasn't change from the ending JMS planned all along (just some twicks here and there)
That he said it was planned from the beginning does not contradict anything I posted; in fact, what I posted was the plan from the beginning with Sinclair being the main character for the entirety of the show. The plans were changed somewhat with O'Hare's departure. As jms says in the introduction to the outline,
"In the years since Babylon 5's first season, the most frequent question asked and debated by fans of the series has been, What would've happened if Sinclair has stayed on Babylon 5? How would the show have been different? My response over these many years has been, 'The show would be essentially the same.' Which, as Henry Kissinger once said about a White House position, 'has the added benefit of being true.' The key word, of course, is essentially."
Major things are there. The Narn-Centauri conflict. The Minbari warrior caste exerting out-of-balance power and control in the Minbari government. The Vorlons and Shadows being at odds with one another. The PsiCorps pulling strings behind the scenes in Earth government. It's the specificities that are different; the broadstrokes are still the same.

maybe the narrative you refer to was a realiy early idea that was refined before the production of "The Gathering" but it sure cant be what JMS had in mind when he shot "The Gathering" and season 1
It was still the plan he was opperating under during season one of the show because in his introduction to the outline in the scriptbook, jms talks about how he had shown the outline to Michael O'Hare at lunch one day and it made O'Hare get a bit teary-eyed. The plan changed with O'Hare's departure from the show.

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