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Re: how the characters and concept develop?

Originally Posted by destron1 View Post
now, imagine that O'Hare didn't leave the show, how diffrent the show would have been
Well, we do know what the original plan was because of the narrative write-up that was released in the bonus scriptbook that jms had done way back before O'Hare had decided to leave the show. And as much as there were many things the same, there were some things that were significantly different under that original plan.

The main one, in terms of Sinclair's character, being that Sinclair wasn't Valen.

The other big one being that the war with the Shadows, or Shadowmen as they were then called, wouldn't have been concluded during the show.

Catherine Sakai would not have filled the same role that Anna Sheridan did; instead Sakai was going to have had her memory removed telepathically, and Sinclair would have to decide between using a telepathic process the equivalent of rape to restore her memory or to let go of his relationship with Sakai and let her live out the rest of her life not remembering her relationship with him; he picked the latter, and that's when Delenn moved in to fulfill Minbari prophesy and have a child with Sinclair

The series would ultimately have ended with Babylon 5 being blown up by the Minbari as Sinclair, Delenn, and their baby fled the station; Sinclair being a wanted man by pretty much everyone: by Earth who thinks he's a traitor; by the Minbari warrior caste, who has taken over the Minbari government and exiled the Grey Council because they think the prophecy that Delenn is determined to bring to fruitition will destroy their civilization; by Londo because Sinclair knows that it was under Londo's guidance that the Shadows destroyed a huge Vorlon ship killing hundreds of thousands of Vorlons; and by the Vorlons who think that it was Sinclair (not realizing it was Londo) who directed the Shadows to do so.

And with the conclusion of Babylon 5, there would be a spin-off show called Babylon Prime, in which Sinclair, Delenn, their rapidly growing child, and some allies brought the Babylon 4 station forward in time to replace the now-destroyed Babylon 5 station. And they would use Babylon 4, which can travel through space because, despite being a space station, has engines and can move, as a base of operations in fighting against the Shadows. Ultimately, that show would end with Sinclair living by himself on some unpopulated world, and specirfically would have ended with Sinclair sitting, fishing.
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