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Re: how the characters and concept develop?

Originally Posted by destron1 View Post
I have been searching this site for a thread about character and concept development but couldn't find any so this is what this thread is for

As we know the original characters concept was a little difrent then what we saw in "The Gathering" and later the tv show. a natural evolution of an idea to a working manifestation of it.

For example, Delenn was originaly a male character and had a diffrent design, so did Babylon station itself

Even the "The Gathering" had many elements in it change when it was reshown on tv

so I thoght it would be nice to dedicat this thread and write in it what we know about the development prosess

but before we start does anyone knows if a similer thread already excist?
Well, it's fairly normal for a show to change a lot in the development process, before it hits the screen. It's also common for a show to change between the pilot and the first proper episode, both of which we saw in B5.

And of course there's the normal evolution during the course of the show. For instance, B5 was originally intended to be fairly small. I don't remember exactly how small - 500 meteres? A thousand? - and in the second season it 'became' five miles long, which meant that all the ships we'd seen zipping about were larger, too.

In the B5 series bible, there's a lengthy discussion of a "Mister Jones" who was to be a prominent supporting character who never turned up on the show.
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