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The races of Babylon 5 based on fictional sci-fi books

I'm looking to define the races of babylon 5, I've got two figured out but I need a bit of help, here what I got so far.

Earth Alliance:

Its pretty clear who we are base, the main archetype is clearly Arthur C. Clark, his works are translated to the technology of the show, from the gravity axis on the ships is clearly show in 2010: the year we make contact, Phillip K. Dick also shows some influences the dark aspect of the Earth Alliance and along with Mars, etc. If you wish to add further, be free to do so. I also suspect isaac asimov's foundation books to be a bases and a hint of starship troopers also.

Centauri Republic:

These guys are clearly based off Dune, with the royal houses, the monarchy systems, etc. but they appear to be heavy based on the House Harkonnen for the most part, but with slight hints of House Atreides too for redeeming qualities.

Narn Regime:

Now, I have no clue who the Narn are based off, but I would suspect fremen from the Dune novels also, be free to correct me.

Minbari Federation:

Not a clue to be fair, but I'm guessing a novel series with space nomads?

Give us your opinions and ad more expansive knowledge to this thread.
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