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Re: Legend of the Rangers

I guess I'm one of a minority if I say I liked it.
The characters were original and although everyone had different backgrounds, behaviour etc, they just fit perfectly together. Introducing new characters in a new setting in an already existing show is always difficult, but I really do think it was handled well - a brief insight to David and his friends while in training and then a bit more in different scenes, although not so much that it became boring. David and Dulan's friendship has intrigued me from the very beginning. They banter each other just as siblings would. I loved the scene of them inspecting the Liandra for the first time Na'feel (sp. ?) and Sara were annoying, but what would be a series or a movie without a character the audience thinks of as such. Turk seemed to me like a big teddy bear (albeit a greenish scaled one XD )
G'kar was the right person to establish a new plotline, seeing as he traveled through the whole galaxy. Besides, even if everything is supposed to be serious he manages to make you laugh (swedish meatballs anyone? )

One thing I was disappointed in was Minbar. Why did the planet look so dark all of a sudden? It was always shown as a friendly and bright world. And Dulan was right about the Valen, it looked horrible. Funny how different the ship looked in TLT
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