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Re: EpDis: Convictions

I like it when episodes pick up elements of previous shows, like the Drazi pilgrims, coming to latch onto the angelic blessing on B5! Zack's handling of the situation is funny.

I must chime in with the many who have lauded the elevator scene as the best part of this episode - it is excellent! It reminded me of the Vir/G'Kar elevator scene in an earlier episode. G'Kar's laughing over the irony of the situation can really only be expressed by the German word "Schadenfreude" - mirth over the misery of another.

As to the bomber, I did like the fact that he was not politically motivated. However, there was an element that reminded me of the Shadows - he wanted to spread chaos and fear. Sadly, that echoes many incidents in today's world.

Yes, Londo's monologue at Lennier's bedside is quite amusing - one of the seesaw moments when one does like him. Having Lennier as comic relief is unusual - his fib about "Netter's syndrome" is so funny!
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