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Re: EpDis: Matters Of Honor

Ah, the usual enigmatic Vorlon answers at the beginning - I rather like those! I also like the dramatic music during the title sequence - which TV show ever changed its signature theme music every year?! Franke does a good job of taking the material we know and changing the feeling of it. The very rhythmic beats, the disharmonic chords, all tell us that we're not in Kansas anymore.

Londo enjoys a moment of fleeting happiness when he thinks he has broken with Morden and the Shadows. What must it feel like to know that they are in direct contact with Refa and don't need him as a go-between anymore.

And I admit it - I am a Marcus fan. I enjoy listening to that wonderful accent, and the guy's pleasant to look at as well! He doesn't say all that much in this episode, but he gets wonderful lines later on - his quiet sarcasm is ... attractive.

I am also a Delenn fan and really enjoyed seeing her action scene!
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