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Re: EpDis: Comes The Inquisitor

I find this episode almost unbearable. Having the race we think is good, the Vorlons, initiating the torture of an ally, is inexplicable. This is where first doubts come up as to the real nature of the Vorlons. Both they and Sebastian are sadistic - does the end justify the means? And do the Vorlons use him to keep their hands clean of the dirty work?

The whole interrogation and torture scenario reminded me of one of the best Star Trek NG shows, where Picard is interrogated by a Cardassian - a foe, not an ally.

I thought it was interesting that the lighting in Grey 19 was so similar to that of the Grey Council - where we last saw Delenn being expelled from the Nine.

The other thing that I noticed throughout the inquisition was the number of Bible references. The final quote was the most noticeable, of course, about "no greater love than to lay down your life for another", but there are others as well. Did anyone else think that Sheridan's body position when held captive had a remarkable similarity to a crucifixion position?

As to the second plot element - the elevator scene between Vir and G'Kar was excellently done! What a difficult situation to find yourself alone with your enemy at close quarters, an enemy to whom the greatest injustice has been done by your people. Both Vir's apology and G'Kar's reply were well written and well acted, moments of character development crucial to future episodes.
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