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Re: EpDis: Divided Loyalties

I like this episode. The story arc aspects are interesting, and not just those pertaining to Talia. I enjoyed the "butt" dialogue between Delenn and Sheridan at the beginning, and seeing how their relationship forms.

More than his faking the reaction, I liked Garibaldi's action of giving his gun to Sheridan before being tested. Good thinking!

I found it interesting to see both telepaths saying something very similar about the night - Talia's alternate personality coming out at night, and Lyta's allowing herself to recall Kosh only at night. I also thought that Andrea Thompson acted the difference between the two personalities well - her facial expression changed subtly yet distinctly.

Seeing Ivanova so open, softened and vulnerable is a nice change - and it makes me feel for her when she is hurt so badly.
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