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Re: EpDis: Confessions And Lamentations

I had similar thoughts - in almost every other TV show, the cavalry would have arrived to save the day, i.e. Dr. Franklin would have found the cure on time. The fact that he got a clue too late for it to help is what makes this episode special. And the fact that it prompted discussion of the religious aspects testifies to its effectiveness!

The "too late" reminds me of the episode where the information on the President's planned assassination doesn't reach his ship in time to warn him.

Introducing a Markab child to the plot made the tragedy even more moving and visible. At one point, we see through the child's eyes by way of the camera angle.

Interesting to see how the catastrophe promotes the relationship between Delenn and Sheridan. At the beginning, it's all formalized in the ritual meal; in the end, what really matters is life, death, love and compassion. I do like her reference to meeting again in a place where no *shadows* fall. One detail I also noticed was her story about being lost as a child and finding refuge in a temple. Who is the figure she sees? His mention of "my little ones" sounds very like Jesus, speaking of children being allowed to come to him. That doesn't sound like Valen, and he wouldn't have been around during her childhood anyway. Are there Minbari gods?
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