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Re: EpDis: And Now For A Word

That's a really good episode for sure. It has action, intrigue, drama, tragedy, it's loaded with negative elements and yet manages to finish on a positive note. It has several instances of subtle irony for those who already know the story. And because it is, or seems to be intended as an introductory episode, it could have been made as a straightforward, dumbed-down piece. But it wasn't, it was intelligent and thoughtful, with great dialogue about human attitudes toward the Minbari War and other alien threats. I remember seeing it when it aired, thinking this is weird, this is just a silly way to do an episode. But by the time it was over I thought it was one of the more satisfying ones they did up to that point. Maybe overall. And they tell us in the beginning that it ends with the deaths of hundreds of people, and yet don't really give anything away! Very engaging.

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