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Re: EpDis: There All The Honor Lies

The merchandising at the beginning is a very amusing subplot! I was wondering - is it actual real life B5 merchandising? Ivanova's comment on the "last best hope for a quick buck" amuses me as well.

I must confess, the "moment of perfect beauty" did not impress me much - I would have expected something more than the singing of monks, which seems too normal to be sublime. I guess beauty is in the ear of the listener in this case.

I like the glimpses we get of Vir's character and dilemma and of the relationship between him and Mollari. There are always those moments that make us *like* Londo, aren't there?! Also, his complaint about the Mollari doll is really funny - it's belittling him because the "attributes" are missing! Ivanova's word play with a barely cut off (oops, pun unintentional but too good to remove!) "cast-ration" is another amusing bit of dialogue. I looked up the author of the episode and am not surprised to see that it's Peter David. He's a well-known name, having written some good stuff for Star Trek as well.

I like it when some of the intro lines get used in episodes - this time, "all alone in the night". To which experience of being left alone in space is Sheridan referring? I don't recall offhand. Delenn's variation "all alone in a crowd" is poignant. It's interesting to see her working against Sheridan at first in this episode, knowing how their relationship will develop later on.
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