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Re: New B5 stories

Originally Posted by fatboy955 View Post
slighty off topic but why was Legend of the Rangers never picked up for a series? Was there a reason or was it just one of those things?
The ratings on the east coast were not good enough, due to a football playoff game (New England Patriots vs. somebody, IIRC). It was originally not supposed to be aired against that game, and it did much better on the west coast. IMHO, it was also because the pilot was bad (absolutely horrid in places).

The SciFi Channel wanted a new show (not Crusade, not continuing that story) because Warner Bros. wouldn't sell The Sci-Fi Channel (part of NBC/Universal, a Warner Bros. competitor) part of Crusade. So, the Sci-Fi Channel wanted a new show with a new 20-something cast.

And then we get something of the quality level of a Sci-Fi Channel Original Movie (i.e. a Z-movie, waaaay worse than a B-movie.).
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